Your Rules. Your Time. Your Price.

All this freedom, put together, means, ‘Your institution of learning’. 
Schools, Colleges, Universities and other traditional institutions to impart education are transforming. There are alternate modes of education cropping up, just like other domains.

The way we communicate, the way we travel, the way we transact, have seen a sea-change in the past decade or so. A person teleported from the 1990s would find this an alien landscape. Change is a constant, but are you changing with the times? 

The rules of education and knowledge-seekers are rapidly changing in the past half-a-decade or so. The trickle, the change, in the education landscape started, maybe a decade ago. But, the foundation was getting laid, back then, now Centrestage is going to pave the way forward.

Your Rules.

Every institution has curbs on the teaching methodology employed by the teachers. We all know, that each individual is different. What works for one, maybe doesn’t works for others. The present education system is made for the industrial era – a thing of the past. Unfortunately, the changes in the education domain has been slow in adapting to the changes of the present, and things to come in the future. We, at Centrestage, give the educators a platform, to craft the rules according to the needs of the teacher and the student, to optimize the knowledge transfer.

Your Time .

In this fast-paced world, time is at a premium. Not everyone can allocate the same interval of time, at the same day, to make use of the education services. Don’t be a follower to what the society determines is best for you. Pick and choose the best time to teach and learn. Such an optimized arrangement of time can get the best from the instructor, and the student can extract the maximum value of such online sessions.

Your Price.

Premium education comes at a price, your attention and a cost. We, at Centrestage, give the freedom to the teachers and the student to pick and choose according to their preferences and financial capacity. The quality of the education disseminated by the teacher automatically determines the price-point over a period of time. The adjustments of the cost will be determined by the demand and supply. We do ensure a quality in instruction imparted is maintained. But, the control to set the price lies with the instructor/ teacher. 

Apart from the tools provided at Centrestage, we also guide the instructor and the student to make the optimum utlization of the resources. It is a complete democratization of the education domain, with necessary curbs, to extract the best for both the parties. It is a win-win situation for the instructor and the student. The society benefits as as whole. 

So, when are you signing up on the ‘New Institution of Learning?’

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Future of Education

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